Date Type Topic Focus Speakers
11-Feb WebDin “New Times” How the “new times” may impact Hard Tech from a government, City and international perspective Lord David Willetts, Daniel Glazer, US Law Firm, Hitesh Thakrar, City
3-Mar WebDin “Corporate Venturing” Trends and needs in corporate venturing Williams Advanced Engg, Johnson Matthey, Owen Mumford
25-Mar WebDin “New Collaborative Structures” Building end-to-end supply chains into “task force consortia” in different industries Dick Elsy, Ventilator Challenge; Ian Constance, APC; Matthew Durdy, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
15-Apr WebDin “Innovation by Design” Encouraging different ways of thinking via diversity of perspective and thought Alicia Greated, KTN; Stewart Edmondson, Electronic Skills Foundation; Design House Leader, Phil Gray
6-May WebDin “Oxford’s Growth Outlook” Drivers of growth in the eco-system Tim Rea, BGF, Stuart Grant, Harwell Campus, Peter Nolan, Oxford LEP
20-May WebDin “Ambition and Government” Aiming high, taking big bets, and showing international leadership Lord Willetts, Paul Stein, Rolls-Royce, BEIS, Big Bet Companies, Silicon Valley
9-Jun Oxford Dinner “Pre-COP26 Climate Agenda” How to reach the Net Zero End Game by working forward backwards Oxford Net Zero Initiative, Shell Springboard, Scientific Disruptor
8-Jul London Dinner “Battery Investor High Level Dinner” Deep social forum for investors and selected parts of the battery value chain Special Speaker line up – Government, Industry, Finance
16-Sep Northern Dinner “Hydrogen Take Off” Conditions are turning positive for hydrogen and investment is following. Paul Stein, Rolls-Royce; Graham Cooley, ITM Power; Infrastructure leader
30-Sep WebDin Oxford “BGF’s Footprint in Oxford” BGF is broadening into early stage and spinout companies: the eco system is vital BGF and Eco-System
14-Oct London Dinner “Passing through the Eye of the Storm” How to manage in a crisis between a lead shareholder, chairman, CEO and founder Bessemer members and their board
11-Nov WebDin Oxford “Crisis of Medical Manufacturing” Failure to invest in manufacturing revealed by the Pandemic Prof Sir John Bell, Oxford; Owen Mumford, Becton Dickinson, Penlon Ventilators
2-Dec London Dinner “Bessemer Lifetime Fellowship Award” Award to Hard Tech Leader who embodies the Bessemer Spirit High Level Guest to make the Award

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Drinks and networking

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