Date Type Topic Focus Speakers
26-Jan WebDin “The Innovation Strategy” Government support for the Innovation sector Indro Mukerjee, CEO of InnovateUK,
Katherine Bennett, CEO of HVM Catapult,
Hayaatun Sillem CEO of RAE
24-Feb WebDin “Tech Titans contributions to Net Zero” Systems level approach to meet Government targets by 2050 Rolls-Royce, CTO,
Siemens UK,
Johnson Matthey, CTO
9-Mar Oxford Dinner “China Conundrum: How to Engage” The risks of a Cold War to trade and investment Sir Vince Cable, Author,
George Magnus, Economist,
Prof Peter Dobson, Oxford University,
Chinese companies
31-Mar Bristol Dinner “Telecoms and National Security” Western Gateway Region: supply chain of semiconductor, cyber, wireless, quantum and satellite technologies Jo Dally, CEO, Western Gateway,
Martin McHugh, CEO of CSA-Catapult,
GCHQ, Cheltenham,
British Telecom
20-Apr London Dinner “Mindset shift in City and Government’s Short Term Culture” What could be the implications of shifting from short-term to longer-term investment planning Leading City, Government, and Industry representatives
19-May Oxford Dinner “Carbon Capture Challenge” Oxford’s engagement with the stakeholder community Oxford University
Tata Steel UK
9-Jun London Dinner “Advanced Electronics OEM-led R&D Supply Chains” How to scale into Manufacturing Supply Chains APC, Rolls-Royce, Telecoms and Defence OEMs
30-Jun Oxford Harwell Dinner “Global Britain Science Superpower” The Power of the Cluster Director-General DIT, Multinational Investors
12-Jul London Dinner “Sharing Experience” Serial and Early Entrepreneurs Exchange Membership Leaders
22-Sep Northern Dinner “Electrified Battery Drive Train” Investing in the EV supply chain NE Automotive Alliance, Envision Energy, Leading Investor
12-Oct London Dinner “Private ownership models” Possibilities for greater founder control Lead exponents and commentators
27-Oct Oxford Dinner “Technical Skills Crisis: How to meet it” Skills gap and lack of technical staff is a major road block for HardTech companies Local government, LEP, Universities and HE colleges, Industry leaders
10-Nov London Dinner “The Annual Semiconductor Dinner” Building a success case for Semiconductors Leading members of semiconductor eco-system and Government
1-Dec London Dinner “Bessemer Lifetime Fellowship Award” Award to Hard Tech Leader embodying Bessemer Spirit High Level Guest to make the Award

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